Sunday, October 17, 2010

the facts.

Okay lets be honest, blogging, not our thing, esp not evan’s hence me writing all the blogs so far. I could bore you with a million excuses, but I’ll just skip that part and get to this blog, that I will affectionately refer to as THE FACTS.

WHERE: currently we are staying at a gorgeous property called Coorabella, which is in Coorabell, in the hinterland of Byron Bay. It’s a BEAUTIFUL 100 acre property, and we are also working on the River House, which is another 100-acre property next door.

WHAT: so we work from around 8am-1pm 5 days a week and the rest of the time we have off to explore, relax, and hang out. So far we’ve hit a lot of bad weather, which has left us watching full seasons of TV shows and a LOT of movies. Work consists of various things, Evan does a lot of whippersnipping and working on the River House with the contractors, and I do a little bit of everything. From weeding, to cleaning, to planting, my tasks vary from day to day which keeps life here very fun!

WHO: the crowd here at Coorabella is fantastic, so let me fill you in on the main characters:
  • Raechel and Gio: this is their property(s) and they are FANTASTIC! Seriously just giving and generous people who never miss the opportunity to tell you how fantastic you are or to offer you a cup of coffee or just amaze you with the stories of their lives. They are gentle souls who continue to amaze us both with their kind hearts, hilarious personalities and wise sentiments. We honestly couldn’t ask for better hosts, and we know its just going to be down here from here.
  • Estelle: where to even begin! Estelle is this pint-sized fireball with the best French accent. She is living at the river house and started out here as a helpx-er 2 years ago and just never left. She constantly gives of herself and is just pure joy all the way around. I get to spend a lot of my time working with her and it’s just fabulous. She’s hilarious in her own unique way and makes the most beautiful creations out of flowers. J
  • There are a few more fantastic people (like Bradley, Corrine, Beau, and Jason to name a few) that I’ll mention in the next blog, but until then know that they are just as amazing. J

WHEN: well so far we’ve been here for just about a month, and we’re not sure when we’re leaving, but we do know that we want to head north and are checking into possibilities of places to go.

Other than that life in Australia is AMAZING. I don’t know if it’s the gorgeous scenery or the fantastic people we’re living with, but life has been a whole lot of perfect lately.

Peace, love, and coorabella.
Breea (and Evan… kinda.)

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